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Enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) On Your Root AWS Account
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Setting Default CPU/Memory Requests For A Namespace
Infrastructure Decisions At A Startup
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Lowering AWS Secrets Manager Costs
How Does Kubectl SSH Work?
How To SSH Into An EKS Worker Node
Terraform Tip - Make Your Resource Names Unique
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How To Bootstrap Terraform S3 And DynamoDB
Use ipcalc to compute subnets
Never Make VPCs With Overlapping CIDRs
Don't Pick AWS us-east (if you can)
How To Get An AWS Secrets Manager Secret ARN By Key
Guide To Testing Terraform
Follow-Up Regarding Large Scale Changes
Dealing with Large Scale Changes (LSCs)
Terraform 1.7 Is Out
Do Pre-Mortems For Your Projects
We're Data-Oriented
Krew for kubectl
Conways Law and Ownership
Kanban for DevOps
Podman vs. Docker
Upgrade Your Kubectl Terraform Provider
Demonstrating Impact As An Infrastructure Engineer
Podman as an alternative to Docker Desktop
Patching Multiple Objects At Once with Kustomize
Don't set Kubernetes CPU limits
Minimally Viable Platform Engineering
Sharing an ALB with AWS Load Balancer Controller
Reasons Not To Use A WAF
The API Gateway Pattern for Microservices
Five Whys Outside of Incident Post-Mortems
Lessons Learned Being Consistent
Scaling Kubernetes Pods with External Metrics
Graceful Shutdowns for Services on Kubernetes
Escaping Docker Containers
Typesense for Open Source Search
AWS's New EKS Upgrade Insights
Set up tfsec for your Terraform
Use OpenTelemetry
New EKS IAM Auth Changes
Terraform doesn't have to manage everything
AWS DMS Gotcha - Losing Column Types
Differences between Kubernetes Annotations and Labels
Split your Kubernetes Infrastructure and Application Deployments
You probably don't need zero downtime
Testcontainers for Integration Tests
Use AWS CloudFront with HTTP Backends
Use Slack's Kubernetes Webhook Project
How to prevent your cluster autoscaler from evicting workloads
AWS API Gateways can return mock responses
How to find all subdomains for a domain
CronJobs should be interruptible
Intro to Kubernetes Pod Disruption Budgets
Vantage for better AWS Instance Prices
Kail to tail kubernetes logs
Using OpenTofu with Hashicorp Terraform Cloud
Don't use the default namespace in Kubernetes
Focus on the Fundamentals
Searching Kubernetes Logs Without A Logging Platform
You can use Kustomize and Helm together
When to use Kustomize and Helm
Reasons why your cluster autoscaler isn't working
Learn faster by pushing limits
Project-based Resources to Learn EKS
Thoughts on Digital Ocean K8S (DOKS) in Production
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Monitor symptoms, not causes
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Happy New Year 2023
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