Lessons Learned Being Consistent

It’s my last email for the year, so I wanted to reflect on the most important takeaway this year: consistency.

It might seem obvious, so I want to review what helped me be more consistent over the past few months.

I started my daily newsletter last month. When I tried to start a weekly newsletter in the past, I had a harder time keeping up with it.

Developing ideas and publishing was more difficult, but it became much easier when I went daily. Ideas came to me every day because I knew I had to write every day.

There’s also less pressure to be perfect because tomorrow is a new day with a new article.

I also started to break down my todos into smaller items and found it easier to start them.

Once I got the habit of writing every day in place, I started adding more recurring items to my daily todo list to build upon my other small successes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do something small every day
  • Avoid perfectionism
  • Break your todos down
  • Chain small wins together

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