Past Work

In the past, I’ve:

  • saved a company $500k a year in CI infrastructure costs.
  • helped Venmo migrate from Jenkins to GitHub Actions.
  • introduced configuration as code and GitOps best practices to teams.
  • built dynamic review environments triggered by pull requests.


1 Hour Strategy Call

You can book a 1-hour call with me. Sometimes getting an outsider’s opinion at the right time can save you many headaches. You’ll have my full attention during the hour. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have as well as talk strategy.

Price: $300

Something else?

Reach out to me.


Chris is a talented, motivated engineer. He’s proven himself capable of adapting quickly to changing requirements and can balance multiple priorities. His infrastructural and security work at Rally Health addressed many critical engineering pain points. I would absolutely work closely with Chris again.

  • Michel Rouly, Principal Software Engineer at Rally Health

My team and I are onboarding onto [GitHub Actions] and Chris is constantly available for questions in the Slack channel. I’ve come to abuse it almost because I know I can rely on Chris’ expertise there. He’s making the transition over to [GitHub Actions] fun!

  • Derek Rein, Principal Software Engineer at Venmo


Contact: [email protected]