Terraform 1.8.0 Is Out

Terraform 1.8.0 has just been released today.

Here’s a list of new features:

Providers can now offer functions which can be used from within the Terraform configuration language.

The syntax for calling a provider-contributed function is provider::provider_name::function_name(). (#34394)

Providers can now transfer the ownership of a remote object between resources of different types, for situations where there are two different resource types that represent the same remote object type.

This extends the moved block behavior to support moving between two resources of different types only if the provider for the target resource type declares that it can convert from the source resource type. Refer to provider documentation for details on which pairs of resource types are supported.

New issensitive function returns true if the given value is marked as sensitive.

The complete list can be seen in the release notes linked above.

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