Is IaC Only Useful For Larger Systems?

Is infrastructure as code (IaC) useful for working on a small team or by yourself?

I’ve seen this question come up several times. Personally, my answer is yes.

I’m the only one working on my GitHub/Slack app right now. It’s much faster for me to create resources and set things up using Terraform than clicking through the AWS Console (ClickOps).

Here’s why:

You essentially get all of the benefits of using infrastructure as code.

Once you have a setup you like for one project, you can easily copy it into another. You won’t need to remember how you set up your security groups and instances.

You can also leverage the open-source resources and libraries that others have made.

For example, when I need an ec2 instance, I use this module.

Finally, it helps me sleep better at night because I know I can spin everything up quickly in a disaster.

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